Café Pictures

Festive November 2016

father-christmas-2016 harold-2016  santas-hats-2016 festive-drinks-2016 mother-christmas-2016 cafe-4-nov-2016-01 cafe-4-nov-2016-menu

Staff and Volunteers Party November 2016

staff-and-volunteers-party-nov-2016-06 staff-and-volunteers-party-nov-2016-05 staff-and-volunteers-party-nov-2016-04 staff-and-volunteers-party-nov-2016-03 staff-and-volunteers-party-nov-2016-02 staff-and-volunteers-party-nov-2016-01

Cafe Food and Drink October 2016

cafe-food-oct-2016-01 cafe-food-oct-2016-03cafe-food-oct-2016-02   cafe-food-oct-2016-05 cafe-food-oct-2016-04

Artists of Hertford September 2016

artists-of-hertford-2016-02 artists-of-hertford-2016-03 artists-of-hertford-2016-04 artists-of-hertford-2016-01 artists-of-hertford-2016-05

Happy Prize Winner August 2016


Annie was the happy prize winner of a pet portrait from our Cafe artist Janet Gardner.

August 2016

cafe-aug-2016-01 cafe-aug-2016-02 cafe-aug-2016-03 cafe-aug-2016-04

The Courtyard June 2016

Cafe June 2016 01 Cafe June 2016 02 Cafe June 2016 03 Cafe June 2016 04 Cafe June 2016 05

Food at the Cafe in April 2016

A selection of cakes and savouries available during April. Items will vary depending on availability of fresh ingredients and the inventiveness of our baker. Photographs courtesy of Mrs Mugshot.


Food in the Café

photo-3 photo-6 photo-11 photo-16 photo-18 photo-21 photo-14


New Café After Restoration – February 2016

Cafe Evening Feb 2016 01 Cafe Evening Feb 2016 02 IMG_0669 Cafe Evening Feb 2016 04 Cafe Evening Feb 2016 03  Cafe Evening Feb 2016 05  photo-22 photo-27

Café Restoration February 2016

IMG_0748 IMG_0746 IMG_0721 IMG_0726 IMG_0722 IMG_0692 IMG_0672 IMG_0686_2 IMG_0684 IMG_0682_2 IMG_0675_2 IMG_0665 IMG_0664 IMG_0660 IMG_0653 IMG_0650 IMG_0649 IMG_0647 IMG_0645 IMG_0643 IMG_0641 IMG_0646 IMG_0640 IMG_0661