People Sep 2015

Mudlarks Management Committee

Mudlarks is run by a management committee made up of volunteers with experience in a wide range of areas including: special needs education and training, accountancy, human resources, art and design, publishing, counselling and horticulture. Staff and the Mudlarks Gardeners are also represented on the committee.

Our current chair of the management committe is David Holliday and our treasurer is Tania Noxon.


Management Committee Chair: David Holliday

People - Management - Committee -David Holliday



We have thirty members of staff working on the Mudlarks site in Hertford, as part of the community gardening team, in the Cafe and in the office:


Project Leader: Vic Hobson






Vic is responsible for the overall running and organisation of the Mudlarks’ project. She has extensive experience of working with people with learning difficulties and an excellent understanding of their needs.


Gardening Team Leader: Andy Few







Andy Few took over the role of gardening team leader in 2015. The gardening team, Larking About, is a small group of gardeners and volunteers which carries out a wide range of gardening work in the Hertford area.



Mudlarks’ Gardeners

Places are available at Mudlarks for people aged 16 and upwards with a learning disability or mental health issues. We have over 40 gardeners, supported by staff and volunteers, attending the Mudlarks site and taking part in activities with the gardening team every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.





The work of Mudlarks is supported by a team of regular and occasional volunteers who offer support to the Mudlarks’ gardeners or bring expertise in horticulture, carpentry, art and craft. We also have volunteers who provide administratative support, do sessions in Mudlarks Garden Cafe, and support fundraising events.